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When I started blogging in 2009 I never thought life online can be this rewarding and a lot exhausting, I always thought its as fast and as extra frenzy as running my life offline, so often I find myself caught in this internet dilemma and then at some point ask myself – ‘can it be possible to hire an online secretary or have any web tool that’ll organize all these online sites I’m browsing into every single day?’ It actually is possible, you just have to pay them by the hour, but thinking that I don’t earn that big online yet, I would prefer mine free – if possible.

So read on, you’re about to know how I was able to find an organizer that truly works for me, absolutely free.

With so much information, blogs and websites passing around me every day, getting them into my memory is quiet an impossibility so I was thinking, there has to be a web tool somewhere I can use to manage all these information, a tool that will manage all the sites that I often visit to, a tool that’ll help me bookmark all my favorite sites without me going through a random drop-down list every time I wanted to go back to that site, something that will make my life online a lot simpler, a lot easy, convenient and uncomplicated, some sort of an efficient online organizer.

And I think my yearnings were answered, seeing this video made my online ordeal over.

The website I've discovered is called clipix, I just signed-up for an account to test whether it’ll work for me and guess what? Just as I wanted it to be – How clipix works is simple, just open an account, it’s free by the way, drag the ‘Clip’ button to your bookmark bar, then just do the usual browsing you’re doing, when you spot a website of your interest that you think you want to come back later or sooner, you just have to click ‘clip’ and assign which category you want it to be clipped.

I’m most interested with this news article and I want to go back reading on this later, so I clipped it and put it in my ‘Interesting Article’ category.


With Clipix you can even build your own community and share your clips to Facebook or Twitter or your choice if you want your clips private. You can customize your own category; it all depends on your interest. There’s actually a lot more you can do out of this tool, I’ve just started, obviously I’m well interested with the latest in fashion and glam so I had this category first all stuffed-up, take a look;

So, if you’re also into online organizing dilemma, I suggest you should sign up for a clipix account today, it’s 100% free.

If you just did, may I know what sites you’re going to clip? I would really appreciate it if your can share your thoughts on the comments below about your experience with this tool, it would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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  1. in fairness, this is a great tool..thanks for sharing te Vernz!!!

    more to go on your blogging and online career.. :D

  2. type nako ni...especially that I always had to bookmark....this will save time and space on my growing folders...

  3. this is a great tool, I am sure everyone will find it easy peasy...

  4. awesome tool..would try this one for sure. thanks for the info. was here...

  5. first time I've heard of this tool! will check it out!!!! thanks!!!

  6. interesting tool for techies and bloggers.

  7. Nice app. Parang ung app ng Smart sa Smartphone Net 701.

  8. interesting site. I have to check this out and join too.

  9. Hello Everyone,

    This is certainly a nice tool for us bloggers. Cheers.

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  10. thanks for sharing sis. i badly need this.

  11. Tinuod? Wow ma'am Vernz bongga diay eh...

    Try sad nako ni...


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