In the last few years urban clothing seems to have made a resurgence in the fashion scene. It may help to first define what the term ‘urban’ actually means before going any further. Most dictionary definitions define urban as “of, relating to or located in a city” and “characteristic of the city or city life.” You’re probably thinking the same as me – these are very broad definitions. Some people have negative connotations of a word that is preceded with the word ‘urban’. However, urban clothing is as diverse as the definition itself, meaning that there are clothes to suit almost every taste, style and age.

What makes it so interesting?

The thing that I’ve noticed most about fashion is that people like to look different and stand out from the crowd. I don’t think that I know anyone who wants to walk down a busy street and see several other people wearing the same item of clothing. Urban clothing has continues to remain rather niche, but this is perhaps its most captivating characteristic. This is interesting because many urban clothing brands bring out clothing lines that are much more mainstream than you would expect. However, at the other end of the spectrum, there are far more adventurous designs.

What influences the designs?

Many of the designs are influenced by ‘city life’. Specifically, the most common cultures that influence designs are skateboarding, art (graffiti) and surfing. However, there are a number of other influences on the designs, depending on the brand.

Who wears it?

Although urban clothing is usually associated with younger males between approximately 15 and 25, other people are also starting to wear this type of clothing. For example, an increasing number of women are wearing ‘urban wear’, all you have to do is look at many modern pop videos to see what many female pop stars are wearing. Urban clothing is also being worn casually by older males.

What makes it so appealing?

Apart from the different designs, the fact that many urban clothing makes have managed to remain so niche is what makes them so appealing. This means that many companies who produce this type of clothing use a tight-knit (excuse the pun!) group of people who are very passionate about the brand. Many brands remain true to their identity, and continue to produce amazing clothing lines.

Some good urban clothing brands

For a more retro urban look then try Only NY clothing. For clothing that is heavily influenced by the skating scene try HUF clothing. If you’re going for uniqueness then go forRebel8 Clothing.

About the author: Vicky has a keen interest in both fashion and writing and combines these passions when she can. She likes writing about unique and edgy brands such as Rebel8 and Huf Clothing.

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