There are tons of lace dresses and maxi dresses that I have found for cheap while shopping online. I much prefer shopping online since I can look at much more products and I can even shop while getting some work done at the same time. It's time to shop for new dresses because summer is coming! Since summer is obviously the hottest time of the year, it is best to wear clothes that are very light fabric and will not make you suffer. Meaning, don't wear anything too tight or too heavy (unless it's weather appropriate). Lace dresses are absolutely great for summer since they are so light and soft. Lace is usually white which is the best color to wear when it's hot outside. 

White colored clothes or dresses can help to reflect the sun off of you to cool you off, as opposed to wearing black in the summer which is supposed to absorb the heat and make you warmer. Always pay attention to the weather before getting dressed for the day since nothing can ruin a fabulous looking dress like you sweating in it. Wear comfy and light as a feather clothes on the hottest days, such as a loose fitting sun-dress. This type of dress will help you to maintain a draft and keep cool rather than be stuck in a tight fitting dress feeling like you're going to suffocate. On the cooler days is when I would opt for the tighter dresses since they will keep your body warmer. There are tons of different choices for you to wear this year, and I'm sure that no matter what type of dress you choose, you will look beautiful in any dress. 

Dresses are very attention catching and can really show off a woman's figure, along with her taste in fashion. Men tend to love dresses since they flatter women so beautifully and the fabric is nice to look at. It also helps them to feel like the stereotypical man if he is dressed in a suit and she goes out with him in a dress. Most men much rather prefer cute dresses to 'too mini' mini-skirts. It is much more flattering and gives a sense of pride and confidence. If you want to be saving money for things like going to the pool or summer parties, try saving your money on clothes so that you have more money in general to spend. Clothes doesn't have to be expensive, and you can really find a lot of good clothes that have been donated that are still very cute and fine to wear. Just make sure to always wash everything you get from a thrift store before wearing!


  1. Your article is amazing! Keep up the good job. Congrats!

  2. I love dresses! very feminine and stylish =)


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