It’s been a while that I haven’t posted a woman-related movie review here, although I’m trying, really trying to watch one while eating, while blogging, while mothering and ahhhh, just imagine how one would squeeze in this watching scheds, for a woman attending three kids, doing night job and blogging on the side, I sure need Darna’s ‘bato’. 

But they say, if there’s a will there’s always a way. Indeed! Since this favorite Korean actress of mine has gotten herself a new drama, ‘hahamakin ang lahat, mapanuud ka lamang’, lol. Yeah, I’m talking about Kim Sun Ah, she’s a Korean actress who has made various hit dramas like ‘My Lovely Kim Sam Soon’, ‘City Hall’ etc. and for obvious reason did watch it over and over again … 

This year she starred in this drama ‘I do, I do’ it’s a rom-com – and being a successful ‘shoe expert’ in her mid 30’s and got knotted and impregnated by a young fake shoe maker after a one night stand - is her role, and ahhhh, it’s Imelda Marcos Redux, I kept clearing my throat, drooling over her glorious walls of sweet shoes. Not only shoe, this kinda woman fashion is a package industry you know, so it would always come with a pretty top, middle and bottom. Her stylist did a good job and did remind me again that ‘hey woman, you should get your butt out of your swivel and do a lot of muscle job’, gosh how can this actress gone so gorgeously skinny? 

Anyway, I so love this part of the drama where she went downtown in her knitted poncho over a periwinkle Capri, topped with a blonde pixie and finish it off with a Jackie O … it’s really my style, but sadly --- OK, OK, I admit my tummy’s gonna fetch injustice to the piece, unless I’ll start starving myself now … Here, take a look at some of her pretty shots

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