Seriously, I can’t believe I’m writing this. But you know I’m just a hopeless romantic fool that finds sentiments in tales that I believe can’t happen in this real, at times, prosaic world. Oh, well, other than reading hard and soft bounds, I find myself watching drama as my escape; I call it my dull day escape, just in case you’ll poke on me … that’s the justification of my act, defensive? Lol. 

Anyway, I was thinking at first of writing the politics and economics of Hallyu wave, but I dropped the idea upon hearing the sound track of the latest Hallyu craze – ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’. I lost count of sites that do recaps and streams on this Korean Drama, you can use your instinctive finger which I think has a mind of its own and command Google to find one for you. I’ve watched a hundred KDramas since it came in pirated CDs in the Philippine shores, gosh, such a shame, no, me comes second, first is the Phil. Government for not doing much of everything to stop this. Anyway, that pirated CD craze of mine happened years ago, I’ve changed, or shall I say the dramaland virtual community has changed and has gone real time, online and is available all the time, ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

And the latest addiction? – oh, jesuschrist, this drama makes my week longest - ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ it’s a romantic-comedy drama starred Jang Dong-gun, he’s a Korean actor, that I was hoping he won’t age and thought about preserving him or sorry about my worst case thought, have his semen deposited in a sperm bank and eventually make a dozen little Jang dong-guns, he’s so deliciously awesome, I swear. His equally pretty heroine, who played the role of an ethics teacher in the drama is Kim Ha Nuel is so gorgeously thin that I get annoyed [also with her kissing encounters]… hahahaha … 

Jang Dong-gun and Kim Ha-neul 
[image not mine]

There are a thousand hits for this keyword as of press time, this still airs in SKorea on weekends and I'm dang crazy waiting for streams with hard English subs every Monday, which by the way, I'm thinking of putting up an online monument for these online heroes who spoils my weekends and god knows how many women has gotten and gone mad joining ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’s’ cult without condition…. count me in!

You know from a drama critics’ point of view … this drama can come plotless, I mean seriously, nothing of an event in this drama that requires a river of brew and a hard thought from one's cerebrum, everything is just about the everydayness of these four silly gentlemen … probably because it doesn’t require much of me that’s why it dang hit me [and the world] I'm already crazy as I am figuring out my life's plot and why would I watch shows that would stress me even more. This drama mends that part, perfectly DAEBAK!

I wanted to say so much more, but I need to end it here or I lost my day job. But just in case you haven’t joined the cult yet, spend some of your silly time laughing at dramacrazy.net. It’ll be a boring drama without a musical score… isn't it? And you know what?  I got hitched again and made my thoughts wander … the soundtrack is so refreshingly romantic, as I said I can't say much more I need to go, listen and make a romantic picture of your own.. you'll thank me for this …. Here listen … 

PLEASE NOTE: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All right belongs to SBS, SKorea and the great someone who uploaded and made this video at Youtube. I’m just a crazy fan I hope you guys understand. 

By Big Baby Driver 

I know something's gone awry but I feel like going on 
I know I could be wrong but I also could be right 
And I feel the earth is turning faster before I saw you there 

 I feel the sky is spinning lighter before I saw you there 
And I see the things are not the same again 
Cause you're here cause you're there cause you're everywhere 

Now I know how my times can be still in the way 
Hope this could last until we find brighter days 
I know how my times can be still in the way 
I hope this could last until we fade away 

I know something's gone awry but I feel like going on 
I know I need to say good bye for I'm off for the brand new days with you 


By Big Baby Driver 

If I had pretty spring at the corner of my heart 
I will say goodbye to winter land, you so cruel the winter wind 
and I will check the through the phone, the number is 131 

Don’t you know the truth is in fine weather (I love you best) (I love you best) 
Someday you (I love you best) will find me in the hands of wind 
Somehow you (I love you best) will lead me to the warmer nights 
Someday you (I love you best) will find me in the hands of wind 

I wish I had someone who suddenly arrive 
And show me how the flowers grow and come out in winter field 
I wish I had someone new tender to my heart 
Someone who will share me precious time 
Someday you will find me in the hands of wind 
Somehow you will lead me to the warmer nights 
Someday you will find me in the hands of wind 
Somehow you will lead me to the warmer nights

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