Awed with Lolita Fashion 

Just recently, I was helping my daughter organized her closet when she blurted that she wants to buy a dress online, I said yes as we do order merchandise online from time to time, thanks to her aunts who did nothing but scout for awesome stuff around the blogosphere, and so far we never have encountered  problems with any of the transactions. So I ask her to open the site where she wanted to buy her stuff, and oh my - it’s a Lolita Fashion Store, I was bit surprised to know that at her age, 8 she already have this fashion concept and very explicit at that – Lolita Fashion, dolls really have the sway.

But I came to know this brand of fashion when a relative of ours came home from Japan, she’s one of those who have this Japanese paternal descent and was sponsored by the Japanese government to go and get to know up-close her father's family in Kobe, she stayed there for almost six years and I was awed by her transformation. Apparently, she got to bond with some Japanese girls, went to all-girl Japanese school who were into this fashion culture too. I find it fascinating, drew me interest in fact to learn and research more about this Japanese Lolita Fashion culture. 

Sweet Lolita Fashion (Photo credits: Wikipedia.org)

The Origins of Lolita Fashion 

According to my reads, Lolita Fashion started way back in the 80’s in Harajuku, Tokyo in Japan, one of the streets there were closed on Sundays and most young Japanese would gather around and simply listen to music and share talks of just about anything, then eventually it grew into a regular event, there were already bands performing rock music and eventually others gone wild and did something unconventional with their clothing, these events were documented through photographs and they seem to have liked the way they looked, so they started to develop it and gradually find inspirations to sustain it. Among the apparent ones were the Victorian fashion styles where corsets, ruffles and petticoats, parasols, headdresses and etc. were integrated into the design. 

 I find this Sweet Lolita dress less flairy than the others, they're casu ones and can be worn on Philippine streets anyday, anytime.

Lolita Fashion Today 

Today, it has now become a global street fashion trend that constructed fashion subcultures among teens all over the world. The designs of the dress also evolve along with time, now you can find Ama Lolita, or the sweet Lolita, where my daughter has gone mad with the styles and the accessories – it’s basically a doll-like design with pastel and sweet colors combination – mostly pink and white with ruffles and laces wrap. There are also Elegant Gothic Lolitas, where black ensemble is very apparent in the design, some are into Hemi Loli, Cosu Loli, and many others. As I find out more about this Japanese street fashion I came to realize that this type of fashion trend doesn't really differ from other other trends, it's just same as finding your personality and find what you feel you're comfortable at and you’re good to go. 

If you ask me what Lolita clothing best represent myself? I’m not really into this; I guess I’ll just go for Casu Loli and pretty tea party shoes - something casual for women at 40's, lol.

To wrap this up, as always, fashion is not just about dress, whether you choose western high couture, baro’t saya, (Philippine Dress) bahag, (g-string) or this Lolita fashion, it’s about your attitude that gives justice to whatever kind of fashion you’re in.


  1. that is so true mommy Vernz... it's the attitude that goes with the style... nice baya diay ng lolita dress... mao diay nay tawag ana... hehehe... di man ko angayan ana oi. hahahaha! visiting via Alexa hop!

    1. Hello Pinx, hahaha.. naa pa daghan ani.. mga karaang sanina ni.. lol.. salamat sa laag PInx :)


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