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Women’s quest to perfect beauty has a long, rich and throbbing history. Through time we read and hear women subjecting themselves in all bizarre and odd procedures just to attain that beauty perfection templated by society for them. All through the past the beauty culture has produced artifacts and evidences that strongly suggest its robust evolution. Today, with the help of modern Science and countless enthusiasts beauty implements has advanced to an unprecedented height that in fact now a strong and resilient multi-billion dollar industry that helps propel our economy. 

One beauty sect in particular is women’s quest to skin perfection, while symmetry is all important to judge a perfect beauty; it now has leveled-up to include the aptness of skin. As an evidence, beauty regimen, beauty products and procedures to correct skin imperfections has made me dizzy choosing which one goes perfectly well with the type of skin that I have. In fact, it doesn’t end there, warts, moles, lumps, pimples and other skin blemishes, while not life-threatening, are now considered upsetting, and would likely be a threat to a woman’s self-esteem, the reason why we hide them, we conceal them and at a very decisive step, we remove them. In fact, as I write, I’m in the process right now of doing a mole removal as it looks no good growing beneath my nose bridge.

I think it’s just a consolation that this type of beauty subscription does not employ a knife to cut it off anymore, while surgery is still an alternative, I’d rather show appreciation and subscribe to advanced Science for the idea of non-invasive mole removal and over-the-counter remedies to achieve that sound skin. In fact, a lot of topical products now that addresses matters on skin blotches are organically made and are dermatologically safe to use for all types of skin, and if you’re not comfortable with this, getting back to basics of doing home tonics can be the best preference. 

So Ladies, the next time you seek a pot of beauty product to attain skin flawlessness think organic, think natural, think home remedies to removing skin imperfections.

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