Scratches, scrapes on our shoes, our belts, our handbags and other accessories sometimes cannot be avoided it’s because we use them, we accidentally rung our heels on small holes, by mistake run on sharp objects on our bags – and then we worry that our prized possessions wouldn’t be as pretty anymore. Well, worry no more - here’s a revolutionary product that is designed to scrape all those worries away. 

This women’s shoe care pen is another innovative product of Foot Petals shoe care collection. It’s called Perfect Polish Pen, it works just like a pen, all you have to do is position the pen tip at the scratched area, nudge it to cover the scuff and the scratch will disappear instantly.
It’s basically made out of carnuba wax just like the ones we normally buy, but because it’s packaged slimly and daintily, it can easily be slipped into your bag without worries of bulky and heavy shoe care container. It can also be a perfect travel partner as they’re light and slim.

Here’s how Perfect Polish Pen works;

Whether you’re looking for a product to preserve and protect your shoes and accessories or looking for ultimate shoe-foot comfort products Foot Petals have definitely one for you.

So women out there, let’s not ever forget that if shoes were men - our love affair with them is an unrequited one - that while we love shoe so much, they’re those that never love us back, if they do, they always give us pain. So why endure, get all these measures to walk in love with your most loved shoe today.

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