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Because they say, good shoes can take you to good places. Then why don’t you girls get a pair of unicorn boots? Who knows we'll share the magic of friendship with this. Oonacat of Etsy [link url at the photo] will customize you a pair, this is one awesome offering, guess how much to have these hooves flaunted in the land of Equestria? You’ll get a lovely kick-ass pair starting at $440, whoooaa! 

I’ve seen quite a lot of strangely designed shoes but this one is just perfect for what I’m thinking right now. Sheeesh, seriously, me and my daughter are real buffs of Little Pony, love much Pinkie Pie, you know that giggly horsy who loves to party? Yeah, a pair of this in pink must be gorgeous; but I wonder how to come up with the head part that wouldn’t look like the real one, lol. Yung mukhang di kabayo pero kabayo pa rin, merong bang ganun? lelz, basta ganun! Hahahaha.

Anyway, wondering how to walk in heel-less hooves? See this! 

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