Congratulations you’re on the way to mamahood. By now I would assume that you’re already pooling up layettes in preparation for the delivery, but on the side also have thoughts about eventually giving up your hip clothes in favor of large tent dresses and sweats to accommodate your growing bump. But in today’s fashion gripped environment, this would come less of your problem as this is now being addressed just as fashionable as what you’re used to wear before becoming pregnant.

Maternity dresses often come expensive, but here are few ideas on how you can save in choosing the right maternity wear. 

Maternity jeans | Maternity maxi dress from Bon Prix
Maternity jeans | Maternity maxi dress from

When you buy maternity dress, stick to the same kind of fashion repertoire you’re used to wearing when you’re not pregnant. When you're used to wearing black, then find the same or when you’re used to wearing jeans then find maternity jeans that are of best fit for you.

Ask friends if they have pre-loved maternity dresses. Visit consignment and thrift stores they frugal moms usually put their pre-loved expensive clothes on these stores. Let’s admit that maternity dresses are expensive, so the best way to save on outfits that will let wear for nine months at least is to consider this option.

Shop for dresses just when your baby bump is showing. If you shop too soon, chances are you’ll be buying dresses that are too big or too small. Buy designs you’ll still be able to wear shortly after giving birth – your transitional dress.

This maternity maxi dress I found at is just perfectly for a maternity transitional dress, it’ll be beautiful with or without the baby bump.

Show a little flesh. When you are pregnant all of your hormones work to make you more radiant. You’ll have plumper breast, glowing skin – so why hide it, buy dresses that would accentuate these features, just remember not to overdo it.

Accessorize. Just like the usual, go on wearing your favorite ensemble of accessories. Nothing would really change much except for a bulging stomach, but this doesn’t mean you should strip off your MK bangles and necklaces.

Remember to always wear a happy disposition. A happy mama will have a happy baby.

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