We’re still halfway before the holidays and while most of us put this idea aside as it’s way too far yet, to some, it’s never too early to prepare. The Philippines is the only country in the world known to celebrate Christmas the longest. The moment the date struck the month ending in ‘ber’ Christmas songs began playing the airwaves. And soon after that, we begin to see homes all adorned in Christmas lights in different shapes, colors and sizes. These two indicates significant signs that Christmas season has begun. 

And since Christmas celebration is virtually impossible without lights and lighting decorations at home, it is essential that we have to know these 5 helpful guidelines in buying Christmas lights. 

1. Calculate the area where lights will be set up. 

This is very applicable when you are buying rope lights. When you use rope lights to outline and highlight your windows, banisters or deck rails, you can save as much when you have an almost exact measurement of the area where lights will be set-up. All you need is a handy tape measure for this and you’re good to go. Connectable lights, Icicle and net lights on the other hand, have standard assembly lengths so your creativity and ingenuity is required to put them together to maximize the size and length of the lights to cover a spot you are placing it. 

2. Decide on the type of Christmas Lights you need. 

It is important to determine the purpose of your Christmas light so it will be easy to decide on what type of Christmas light you are buying. Each year, assortments of Christmas lights in literally all forms, colors, shapes and sizes are added to the market so there is always this roomy option for selection. 

3. Always do a comparison shopping. 

This is something I’ve mastered all this time. And apparently, this is what women really like, store|mall hopping looking and look. But ingit saved me bucks most of the time, because of sale items and product comparison. Who knows you can also find nice and rare options when you do serendipity shopping. If you don’t have time to go malling, there are online stores where you can find quality Christmas Lights, Etc and have the convenience of your lap to do comparison shopping. 

4. Always look for the safety marks. 

If you’re shopping in the Philippines, always look for the PS (Philippine Standard), ICC (Import Commodity Clearance) marks on the item. We can’t compromise the safety of our family, our homes and our properties by using substandard Christmas lights and decorations. It’s better to be critical about this issue than to be sorry in the end. 

5. Only buy from a reputable store. 

It’s because when something goes wrong, you have a name to get back to. And stores with stable names, most of the time, comply with government mandates in serving consumer rights. Unlike buying on the sidewalks or with fly-by-night stores, you will have a hard time locating them for exchange or for replacement when items are damaged. And the worse thing, you will never find them again.

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