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The best hair salon in Portland, Oregon understands how to treat dry hair. The climate in Oregon is mostly mild, but some people have lifelong hair care habits that leave the hair lacking moisture and brittle. Most of the time, the dryness is merely masked with a temporary fix, and the root cause of the problem never is addressed. 

There are common signs someone may be experiencing extremely dry hair. There is usually split ends, shedding and a dull shine. No matter what spray formula or over the counter conditioner is used, the hair still stays dry and looks damaged. Women who tend to blow dry their hair daily or use flat irons, curling irons and pressing combs will experience dryness more frequently that those with other habits. These styling tools may help with an immediate nice look, but the long-term effects may not be worth the momentary beauty. 

Other habits that may launch hair into a dry state include excess dying. It is easy to forget that dye is a chemical, and chemicals strip the hair of its natural oils and moisture. This can be compounded when women repeatedly dye their hair on their own instead of seeking the services of a professional. The wrong concentration of dye ingredients can lead to hair loss or a burned scalp.

Sometimes, hair becomes dry when using styling brushes made of plastic instead of nylon. Although plastic is less expensive, it is more costly to the health of hair because it tangles. A professional stylist can help reverse this trend.

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