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We're also got bitten by loomies trend here and everyone around got something to work on during lean time, which is good. It keeps them busy minus the gadget. This is kind of expensive craft in the beginning, blame it to novelty. But when China eventually flooded the world with bands in dappled colors, the price went down and now can even be purchased at buy 1 take 1. They’re now cheap and you’re imagination is the only limit. 

My daughter has significantly progressed with her loomie skill, she now can do complex patterns. She has done so many already that it slips out without me getting a picture of it. She’s selling it to her classmates on a ‘per order basis’, yeah, she’s making money at 9. Her Miss Piggy is almost full and I hope she’ll live with this value of frugality and finding financial opportunity in whatever fair endeavor that may come her way. 

Pls. allow me this one, just one stage mama here, this is her latest output. Just a brief moment on camera and it went straight to packing and then selling them.

 photo loom-band-starburst.jpg  photo loom-band-rose.jpg

Have you tried doing one for yourself lately? Care to share your work? Would love to see it, share your link on the comments section.Thank you :)

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