One of the latest fashion trends is slimming shapewear. This is a piece of clothing that is worn under your clothes. It gives you a flattering figure that you might not have if you didn't wear the shapewear.

If you don't have curves, you will after you slip on this clothing accessory. It will compress the middle of the body so that you have an hourglass figure that you didn't think you could get. Some women experience a decrease of one to three inches in the middle of their stomach. You can wear the shapewear for a few hours during the day while you are at work, a meeting or a special event. This is something that many women wear for weddings, proms or reunions when they want to look their best in a special dress. There is shapewear that you can get to increase the bust area, giving you that extra lift that you need for various tops. It's a product that will help you get rid of the extra padding that you might have around the middle, increasing the self-esteem of those who wear the clothing.

Shapewear is something that is being seen in the closets and drawers of women across the country. They enjoy wearing the item for the slandering effect it gives so that they can wear the clothing they haven't worn before and so that they can look as best as possible.

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