Whether you have a plain gold or opal wedding band, proper care is vital to ensure your engagement and wedding ring lasts for a lifetime. Unfortunately, regular wear and tear as well as daily life will take its toll on your rings. Thankfully, the following tips and information are designed to keep your engagement and wedding rings looking their best. 

Wearing Tips 
  • Put your rings on last when getting ready. This means what until after you are dressed, have applied makeup, hair products and perfume or cologne before you put on the rings. Common chemicals – such as hair products and perfume – will actually dull the shine of jewelry and even damage turquoise opals and pearls. Waiting until after you are ready will help prevent harming your beloved ring.
  • Whenever you play sports, garden or perform household chores, remove your rings and place them in a safe location.
  • When storing rings for an extended period of time, make sure to wrap each piece individually in tissue, velvet or another soft material. 
Cleaning Tips 

Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools on your engagement or wedding rings. Doing so not only dulls the shine and finish, but it can also permanently damage the jewelry. The best approach would be to use specific cleaner designed for use on precious metals. Or you can take the rings to a professional jewelry who can properly clean your rings. 

Tips on Not Losing your Rings 

While caring and cleaning is important, you should also take the necessary precautions to prevent losing your rings. Drains – such as sink drains – are common place for rings to fall into. And when this happens, your ring could be lost for good. Also, when you’re on vacation, consider leaving your rings in the hotel safe when you won’t be wearing them, such as swimming. Another common reason why people lose their engagement or wedding rings occurs when your hands get wet or cold, which causes the rings to slip off. With that said, it’s also extremely easy to take off your rings when washing your hands in a public restroom and forget to put them back on. Because of this, it is probably safer to keep your rings on when washing your hands in public. 

If you follow the above tips, you will enjoy a long and happy life with your rings.

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  1. these are some great tips. I am very careless with ring so I need this, thank you ATeV!


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