Losing weight is one of the most problematic periods of a woman’s life as oppose to gaining that one hardly had to exert any effort at all. And having this slim phenomenon essentially operational these days, countless guides and tips on how to slim down proliferate that often we don’t know whether they’re effective or not.

Personally, I’m also into the fad, although my core is telling me to dissent that having plus size body has no correlation to confidence at least to me, thing is, all the known gorgeous dresses on the racks are made right for the fit of 6-8 and sad as it might sound, it’s really hard to find dresses that falls on the right places with extra handles on my waist.


As I have said, there are countless guides and tips on how to shed off those excesses, but these six I find very effective; 

Modify your lifestyle. This has been a popular story among those who desire to get leaner. But if we really want change to happen, we should change our mindset to restraining our self to picking the first and the last cupcake and go grabbing light beers and mojitos on happy hours. 

Drink water and drink water. Again, another familiar story we hear over and over again. We know the benefits – water essentially helps you slim down. But not until we imbibe the water drinking practice, we’ll have slower chance to achieve what we wanted. 

Run woman run. Sometimes it’s hard to find time much more to make time to run, but if there’s a will there’s always a way around how to do this. I know of an office that allocated budget for a treadmill for their employees, some run on lunch break, some stay after office hours and use their time running while waiting for the traffic to ease. 20 minutes a day is more than enough time to sweat out on the mill. 

Veggie loading. If you’re a meat loving homo, abrupt switch to veganism purports resistance, hence, gradual substitution is the key. I tell you eating greens can make you feel full quickly and you’d have no room for chips and sweets anymore. 

Clean up your pantry. Sometimes the things we store in our pantry make us even fatter as we sneak in the middle of the night to feed in the roaring lion in our tummy. But if we’ve purge the fattening containers and replaced them with better choices like – low calorie snacks, nutri bars, all-time favorite sunflower seeds, then I can see a good chance of slimming. 

Wear a happy face and an endless dose of positive attitude. Believe that one day your efforts can get you down the road with that gorgeous column dress that fits into its right places, confident and all ready to conquer the world. 

Right ladies? Then let’s do this!

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