Drug addiction takes over the lives of millions of people every year. For some, it takes over to the point where it consumes them completely. Many addicts wish that they never picked up that drug in the first place and are lost as to how to get it out of their bodies for good. Different than a rehab program, detox programs, like SoCal Drug Detox Orange County area programs, are often more successful.

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Signs of Drug Addiction

One of the most common signs of a serious drug addiction is the physical aspects of addiction. With many harsh drugs like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, the user loses weight. These drugs curb appetites, and cause rapid weight loss. Mood swings and facial appearance changes are also noticed. If someone is addicted to methamphetamines, they may develop a twitch in their jaw. This is easy to notice and is often the sign that their use has increased and may be at a dangerous level.

Knowing When the Addiction becomes Life Threatening

Once friends and family members have been taken over by their addictions, they tend to stop coming around, secluding themselves. This is a sign that their addiction has hit serious status and could be life threatening. Anytime someone uses a drug, their life is at risk, but with addition the amount used increases as the body builds up a tolerance to the drug.

If stealing and selling personal possessions occurs, the addiction is serious. Some will steal money from friends and family or will make up desperate sounding situations to obtain a loan so that they can get their daily fix. If the addict is refused assistance, rage and anger may be displayed. It is hard to watch someone struggle with addiction and it requires friends and family members to come together to make sure that the user is saved from themselves.

Approaching the User to Get Help

This is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to drug addiction. The user is likely to deny that they have a problem and will likely turn down help of any kind unless it is money to buy more drugs.

Interventions are popular for confrontational purposes, however, there is no guarantee that the person in trouble will even show up to have a chat. Try to invite the person to dinner, and also invite those closest to them. Have them park elsewhere so that their vehicles cannot be seen. Start the conversation off with small talk, just asking how things have been and how their job is going. This keeps things calm.

Ease into the discussion about the addiction and wanting the user to get help. Just ask about weight loss or changes in appearance to see what the response is. If the person becomes depressed, they are likely ready to accept help. Some want help but don't know how to ask for it or accept it.

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Maintaining a Calm Environment

If your friend or family member becomes agitated, it is important to calm them by making them aware of your concern and how bad the addiction really is affecting their life. When drug addicts see those that are close to them upset and truly saddened, they are more likely to agree to go to a detox or rehab center. If the anger escalates, take a break and just let the situation calm down a bit. Pull that person aside and tell them how much they are loved and how much the drug addiction has changed their life in a negative way. Sometimes the user just has to see how much their addiction is really affecting them and those around them to be willing to get help.

Budgeting for the Program Costs

Not all detox programs are horribly expensive. Many have financial assistance and discounted rates available. Her are low cost womens drug treatment programs available, along with low cost options for men as well. Saving people's lives is far more important than money to many of these programs, and they understand that those with serious drug addictions likely have no income. Make sure that your loved one knows that there are discount fee programs available if they fear that cost will keep them from saving their life.

Once your loved one has completed treatment in a detox facility, it is best to make sure that they have a safe place to stay. Halfway houses are good options and are dry houses, where no drugs enter the homes. Your loved one is also going to need aftercare and a strong support system to help them resist temptation and preventing a relapse.

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