Digital X-ray imaging is an important tool for doctors to accurately diagnose many health conditions. For you to be able to have your X-ray exam in comfortable surroundings and having it typically take only between 10 and 30 minutes with the use of the highest-quality low-radiation equipment is an appreciated blessing.

A low dose, true digital DR X-Ray System.

Uses of a digital X-ray 

Among the common ones are doing a CT scan, identifying joint injuries and infections, viewing bone fractures, using an open MRI machine, doing a high-resolution ultrasound, investigating abdominal pain, locating foreign objects in soft issue, and more.

Why Physicians Like Digital X-Rays

An advanced level of medical imaging services helps physicians offer high-quality patient care and provide a fast and accurate diagnosis. A digital X-ray machine is quite a bit faster than a traditional X-ray machine, so it allows patients to get in and out of their X-ray exam much quicker. Fast reporting is provided to referring physicians typically within 24 hours and within one hour on a stat basis, if required. 

What Should You Expect During a Digital X-Ray?

A certified and experienced X-ray technician will escort you to your exam room, where you will be properly positioned near a cassette holder or on an exam table. The technician will step behind a radiation barrier, ask you to remain still for a short period of time, and then activate the X-ray equipment. The exam normally takes only 10 to 30 minutes.

16 slice Hitachi Eclos
A 16 slice Hitachi Eclos
offers high quality diagnostic images

How to Schedule an Appointment

The helpful staff will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have about the procedure, doctors and their experience, the equipment that will be utilized, if your insurance covers the procedure and the filing of your claim. The staff will work hard to find an appointment time that is convenient for your busy schedule and preferences. 

Middletown (New Jersey) Medical Imaging is proud to conduct their digital X-rays and procedures as described above. Providing you with capable and experienced professionals who give top quality exams and care for you as an individual is their mission.

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