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Today, I’ll be sharing with you another food destination you should visit and dine when you’re in Davao City. It’s named Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant. Zabadani is one of the charming homegrown restaurants that is making a buzz adding delicious variety to the now very dynamic food scene in the city.  Zabadani offers a diverse and extensive menu list of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and a good flare of Filipino flavours in their food list. 

Zabadani started out as a small coffee shop in 2008, after years of food and business evolution, they finally opened their newest and I must say, extra elaborate restaurant at Circumferential Road corner Jacinto Extension, just across Bioessence Spa here in Davao. I’m a patron of their branch at The Peak in Gaisano Mall - t'was a cozy place but a bit smaller and seeing this new place, it elicit a breathe of fine air – spacious, well-lit and has a relaxed and comfortable Middle Eastern atmosphere.

But before moving on to the real stuff, I'd like to thank Jojie Alcantara and the awesome 'Fooders' for bringing us here. Again, good food shared with good people is always a good idea. You rock, my friends!

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao City
Zabadani, A Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Filipino 
Cafe and Restaurant in Davao City

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao City
It's written on the wall. Zabadani is an Aramaic term meaning, "Core of Goodness"

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao City
Zabadani’s 26-table, red-themed dining area. 
They have capable Chefs (props to Chef Shotwell) and courteous staff who smile a lot. 
Mr. Wadi Mutia, the founder/owner was also very accommodating. 
Thank you Sir for having us :)

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao CityI
There are also low tables with voile curtain divide available for diners 
who would want their food serve in a more Persian feel. Love it here!

Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao City
That art on the wall.

This part of the resto will soon open as an exclusive coffee and tea shop. I have this fascination with Persian Art and Architecture, there's so much telling about the intricacies and complexities of their art and at Zabadani this is the closest they can get. Isn’t it charming?  I've learned that these patterns were laser cut, hence so neat and precise. It was also done and designed by a local architect from Cotabato City.


Zabadani offers very affordable set meal if you're dining in at their High Tea Time, that's between 2-5 in the afternoon, Mondays to Sundays. This tea time meal set comes with a slice of pizza, pasta, and your choice of tea - can be Moroccan mint, red tea or their house special, herbs and flowers. This set is only P149. I should come again and try this very soon :)

Zabadani Pizza (P235)
Zabadani Pizza (P235)
Zabadani serve HALAL and delicious pizza, this Zabadani Pizza is my favourite.

Pizza at Zabadani Cafe and Restaurant, Davao City
Vegetable Pizza (P235)

Chicken Samboosak (P190)
Chicken Samboosak (P190)
This is a meat-pie of varied filling in pungent and aromatic spice. They're formed into pitcher-like shape and then fried. You can choose between chicken, beef and vegetables. I love this, they're not messy to eat and it's so filling. So good paired with their specialty coffee, Half-and-Half.

Zabadani Chicken Shawarma (P105.00)
Zabadani Chicken Shawarma (P105)
You can also opt for beef at the same price for this wrap.

Pita Shateerah (P105)
Pita Shateerah (P105)
Again, choices can be between beef and chicken for this, all for the same price.

Zabadani Turn-overs (P225)
Zabadani Turn-overs (P225)
This dish is flaps of pita bread stuffed with special Zabadani blend of fresh onions, garlic, cheese and meat. Chicken, beef and 3-cheeses are your choices for the stuffing. I can live with just this, it's really good.

Zabadani Pasta Bolognese
Zabadani Pasta Bolognese 
This is new in their menu. Proud creation of my new found friend, Chef Ralph Shotwell. It has a full flavor, especially crafted to suit Pinoy palates and a filling delight for non-pork diners.

Zabadani Pesto Pasta
Zabadani Pesto Pasta
The sauce of this pesto is the bomb, so like it!

Zabadani Chicken Kabsa
Zabadani Chicken Kabsa (P205)
This is a traditional Middle Eastern fragrant rice dish. A complete meal of its own served on a big platter that will feed a family of 4. For topping, yeah, that generous cut - lamb, shrimps, fish and chicken can be your choices.

Zabadani Chicken Biryani
Zabadani Chicken Biryani (P205)
Again, I'm a rice and shine kind of a human being. This yellow Basmati rice in spicy, sweet, milky, earthy, peppery mixture is everything a woman can ever have to face the day. Promise, this is so good! Highly recommended!

Arabic Coffee Z Style (P95)
Arabic Coffee Z Style (P95)

And Oh, the coffee! Many of us subscribed to the idea that coffee is one wondrous and magical thing humans have ever discovered. Deemed to be a necessary fuel to help us make it through the day and if you’re one coffee connoisseur who loves to explore, Zabadani is the place to be. They offer a good list of exotic and specialty layered coffee you should experience today!

Zabadani Layered Coffee, Matcha Green Tea
Zabadani Layered Coffee, Matcha Green Tea (P125)
I'm ditching my usual blend for this. The true goodness of blended coffee is right here in this glass. Stir it, drink it while it's hot. 'Lami jud siya' You can have Macademia nut, green apple, strawberry, blueberry or rose flavored one for this.

Zabadani Layered Coffee, Half and Half
Zabadani Layered Coffee, Half and Half (P95)
This glass comes with half milk and half espresso, hence the name.

Zabadani Mocktail
Zabadani Mocktail, The Green Elixir
A good glass to share with friends without the fear of intoxication.

There's so much more food choices to explore in their menu. So, the next time you feel like going Mediterranean, you don't need to go book for a plane ticket, all you need to do is book a table at Zabadani.

Zabadani take pride to be only HALAL certified restaurant in the country.
They also accept catering for all occasions.

RAMP Bldg., JA Sarenas Avenue (Circumferential Road)
Corner E. Jacinto Extension, Davao City, Philippines
Call (082) 224 3942 | 0917.309.6008

Cotabato City Branch
2nd Floor Annex 1, Mall of Alnor
Sinsuat Ave., Cotabato City, Philippines

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