I had an impromptu invitation on Tuesday to try out the food offerings of a newly opened restaurant somewhere in Toril. When I confirmed where exactly, I was told it’s in Gaisano Mall of Toril. I haven’t been to this mall, so I thought it’s a good chance to see what’s in there. GMall of Toril is about an hour drive south of downtown Davao and since its midday I thought there would be no problems with being stuck in the traffic so I said yes, pronto. 

I was expecting a typical enclosed air-conditioned restaurant, but I was amazed to see that their dining area sprawl in almost half of the open space of the upper ground level of the mall. How cool is that?

They named the resto, Dinagat. It’s a spacious al fresco restaurant and bar that offers a hearty combination of Filipino and Japanese dishes. They also have a good list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for patrons who would love to take a load off under Davao’s sky. 

So let’s get started join me as we dig in Dinagat’s food offering;

Woman Elan Vital at Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
So much good food and there's only the four of us. 
With Ian Garcia of M Magazine, Maya Padillo of Mindanao Daily Mirror 
and Glen Santillan of escapemanila.com

Seafood Soup ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Seafood Chowder (P245) 
It's rich, creamy and perfectly seasoned seafood goodness. Though, as of post time it's the only soup offering they have on the menu, but believe when I say, it's really good!

Onion Jungle ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Onion Jungle (P79)
There's always a first time so they say and this is my first food encounter with such a splendid blend of golden crispy fried alliums and caramel. How can this jungle be so good? Look at that! Thought they’re perfect paired with beer, now move over chicken bliss!  

Gambas ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Gambas (P250/100gms)
Dinagat's version is full of flavour but a lot less spicy, so if you want a hotter plate, maybe a polite request to put in more chillis will be fine.

Japanese Yakimeshi (P199)
Stir-fried rice perfect for lunch or dinner. Its flavour packed, kahit wala ng ulam!

Yakemishi ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Chicken BBQ (P89)
An all time Pinoy favourite, tender and well-seasoned!

Seafood Skewer,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Seafood Skewer (P249)
If you're bringing in kids, this ones for them!

Grilled Tuna Belly,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Grilled Tuna Belly (P199/serving)
Sourced from sashimi-grade tuna, this deliciously charred tuna belly will be one of the reasons why I'll be driving down south again one of these fateful days. So good!

Tuna Sashimi,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Tuna Sashimi (P179/100gms)
Dinagat Resto imports their tuna for sashimi, hence, serving only the finest and most exquisite cuts for their diners palate pleasure. This plate is served with a specially concocted sauce that spins every slice into a little heaven on Earth. 

Otoro Sashimi,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Otoro Sashimi (P399/100gms)
When you eat the fattest part of tuna and there's a Blowjob waiting to be done on the side, now that is what I call - awesome life! This is more textured and marbled than the previous one and the paired unnamed sauce is the bomb. One pinkful plate worth driving south!

Tempura, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Ebi Tempura (P199)
Dinagat's version is non-greasy and seasoned rightly. Each serving comes with 6 ebis in Pinoy inspired, sweet drizzle sauce.

Tempura, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Mixed Tempura (P149)
I love how they fried and turned our 'bahay-kubo' veggies into sweet, crispy and non-greasy delightful bite. Wala kang itatapon sa platong ito + its very affordable!

Coctails, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Passionate (left) is one of Dinagat's oh-so-good frozen Cocktails. It's a good mix of vodka, orange liqueur, citrus, passion fruit and mint leaves. Kiwi de Fruta (right) is a cool and refreshing non-alcoholic blend of kiwi, pineapple juice, mango juice and mint leaves.

Mojito, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Dinagat Mojito (P75). A classic blend of white rhum, citrus, mint and soda water.

Blowjob, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Blowjob (P150). It's a layer of coffee liqueur, Bailey's and Vodka in a shot glass. I was thinking of drinking this the proper way, but the shot glass rim came in too big for my mouth, it's a shame I used a straw to sip, lol (defeats the rationale of the drink) Anyway, this is one of Dinagat's best shooters and when you come with friends, drink it the proper way! It'll be fun specially for first timers. Dinagat's version is a fine mix, you should try! 

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
House spirits ready to smoke out of the bottle.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Chef Hideaki Yoshioka (left) and Arnold Martinito (right)
Mr. Martinito said that they used to supply fresh seafoods to other restaurants in the past, but upon seeing how the resto industry in Davao has grown, they decided to open their own and have it here in Toril. They source their seagoods at a low price from Zamboanga, hence, the affordable price print on the menu. Right now, they're working to bring its diners affordable and quality delectable food and that they're inviting you all to come and try.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Chef Hideaki Yoshioka showing off his plate of Otoro Sashimi. He has been doing business in Davao since the 80's and soon he'll be opening his Japanese restaurant in Victoria Plaza parking in Bajada.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Thank you Dinagat Resto Bar for inviting us!

When you’re used to downtown area dining, it surely is a little effort to get here, but having tried few on the menu I must say, Dinagat Resto Bar is worth that little effort to drive down south. The food is good; the place is surprisingly large and literally airy. For foodies around this area, you don’t have to take the diversion road to have your dose of awesome food, Dinagat Resto and Bar offers an impressive list way better than the overrated restos downtown. Come and dine!

Open Lunch and Dinner up to 1AM
Ground Level, Gaisano Mall of Toril,
Davao City

Like their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Dinagat-Restobar

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