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Jewellery, like fashion in general, is constantly shifting and changing. What was popular last year might not be popular now and what will be popular in September might not be popular in August. It can be hard to stay abreast of all the constant changes and there are only so many magazines you can read, so here is a list of what is becoming popular at the moment, and should continue for the bulk of the year. 


I’m getting this one out of the way first because it baffles me a little. What I’m terming ‘Christian Chic’ is currently being seen on rings, necklaces, and bracelets and it baffles me: A religious piece of iconography being worn by hundreds of atheists. I’m not sure of the moral implications, but they do look stylish and they certainly give out a message and make a statement. 


Moving away from an all-powerful (omnipotent, one could say) organised religion and onto spiritualism: Christianity’s care-free younger sister. Crystals are becoming big right now. They are edgy and a little wayward and draw attention for being so unusual. Crystals (that are uncut) are rough and mottled and make a great look when set in a ring or hung around a neck. 

Diamonds with a message
Heart in Diamond, your living bond
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Diamonds with a Message

I think this is a part of the same trend that has popularised the crucifixes and crystals; an idea that you want your jewellery to reveal a message or have a story. Diamonds from a mine represent the faceless image of the jewellery industry and people ignore the ecological implications of diamond mining. Luckily for those who still want their diamond fix, you can just have your own made… All you need to do is send of some hair from a loved one and voila you will get a bona fide diamond to make your outfit ensemble bedazzle. 


Fringe is like an ocean wave in the fashion industry, it rises and falls more often than an awkward teenage says ‘urmm’. At the moment you are likely to see it on jewellery which is a new departure for it as it has long been seen on clutches and dresses. Bracelets and necklaces are being adorned in fringe and becoming stand out ‘statement pieces’. They look good and they draw attention, plus they work with so many different styles, because they are so versatile.

Ear Cuffs

Now, before you tell me you don’t need to read this section as you already have a trunk full of ear cuffs, just wait a minute. Ear cuffs have been around for a little while now and are still in style, but not the ones you’re thinking off. Whilst the simplistic little bands are still fairly popular and won’t get you thrown out of a soiree, the real money makers are on grand ornate cuffs, which can, to a certain eye, make you look like something is growing out of your ears … or can make you look like Thranduil from the The Hobbit … but whatever, I’m told they are popular and look good so what do I know?

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