Everyone of us enjoy a bit of travelling every now and then. It’s been proven that doing so makes a great difference on how we view life and seize a broader perspective about distinct circumstances of other else’s way of life. 

So much that a lot of our on-the-go young people these days have taken advantage of this viewpoint that they made sure, despite busy schedules with work and family, they have somewhere else to go, all fit and fabulous, to catch sunrises and sunsets not at their usual backyard.

The simplest of accessories can give an outfit a whole new look

Clarice Lu and Peabo Taojo are two of the many active women that regard travel as an important component of their everydayness. Not just travelling, but travelling fit and fabulous.

At 33, Clarice Lu is an accomplished HR Officer at a family-owned school and at the same time work as a managing partner of an active clothing brand. She’s also a mother of two and is passionately into dancing these days.

Peabo Taojo, at 27, is already managing her own gym. She played golf and got serious about fitness after joining the university varsity rowing team. Keeping fit has become an indispensable part of her weekly routine. And her fitness goals have evolved massively since then, including teacher’s certificates in yoga and Crossfit.

Twinning in Winter 2016 M&S Collection, let’s get to know how these sisters in fitness and travel stay fit and fab throughout their adventures to their favorite cool destinations.

Comfort over fashion. Your unique personal style will set you apart from everyone else

On regular fitness regimen

Resistance training at the gym three to four times a week and swimming or running for cardio once or twice a week is Peabo’s fitness niche.

While Clarice does CrossFit Cranium with her husband who happens to be her gym and boxing buddy.

On travelling frequency

Peabo travel monthly out of town to paraglide and scuba dive. And once or twice a year to different continents. “I travel mostly with my family because that’s when I get to bond with them without talking about work and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.” Peabo shared.

Clarice on the other hand revealed that, “Traveling is a must for me. It opens doors to new ideas, interests and passion. It’s my reboot button. I used to travel abroad twice or thrice a year, but with the kids now; it’s trimmed down to doing it once a year.”

Favorite cool places- Tunisia & Loire Valley for Peabo, Hokkaido & Sapporo for Clarice

On their preferred destinations and extent of stay

“Best ever in my life were Tunisia, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region in China, the Loire Valley in France. I’m usually gone from five to fifteen days.” Shared Peabo. 

Clarice loved Sapporo and Hokkaido in Japan. “We usually allot a week or two to savor the trip.” 

I’ll do that Clarice on my Hokkaido trip. Thanks for the tip.

On why they prefer the cooler season to travel

Peabo & Clarice declared in unison that they never get to experience cool weather in the Philippines, hence, they prefer cooler season to travel.

Stay warm by layering light pieces

On travelling light

Peabo shared an essential tip on packing light and what ends up in her bag. “I prefer outfits for traveling that are earth or neutral-colored with no print. I get to mix and match them easily and wear them repeatedly and nobody would notice!”

Clarice thought it’s a challenge. “You have to be smart in choosing what clothes to pack when traveling to cooler places. I go for cashmere, knit tops, coats, leggings and comfy boots. And hats and scarves, too! It never fails to rev up an outfit.”

Smart travellers. Go for cashmeres & knot tops in neutral colors with no print

On getting fit while on the road

“For trips in the big cities where I know we would be staying in nice hotels, yes I bring with me gym outfit. But not for expeditions or exotic trips, when the experiences are workouts in itself. When the hotel has a gym, oh yes. I wake up extra early than my travel buddies; grab a piece of fruit and do a 20-30 minute resistance workout before having breakfast. When the hotel doesn’t, I do my workouts in the room or in nearby parks. There are workouts you can do even without any equipment or little space.” Peabo said.

Clarice in contrast shared that, “I don't usually go to gyms when I go on a trip; however I always make sure that I work out even in my hotel room since most of my exercise requires body weights.”

Travel light. Solid colors always work best.

On dietary restrictions when far from home

Peabo imparted that, “my policy to myself is, when traveling for leisure, its cheat day everyday! No restrictions. I’m a big foodie and exploring different cuisines is one thing I really look forward to when traveling. When I get home though, its extra work in the gym and back to my regular low-carb diet.”

Clarice equally shared same idea, “I indulge in food whenever I travel, its one thing that excites me. However, I go less on high glycemic carbs.”

On fitness tip when on the road

Read ladies! Peabo said, its push-ups, squats, and hip thrusts. A minute each in the best form possible for 4-5 rounds. No equipment and not much time and space required. Very basic but very effective.

I think I can do that! 

Clarice encouraged you to do at least 30 burpees, 50 if you can, daily during your trip. It’s a whole body work out and requires neither machine nor place to do it.

Now that’s an on-the-road work-out plan, let's do it!

On fitness enthusiast’s one fashion tip when traveling

Read Peabo’s tip ladies! “Go for neutrals and earth colors with little or no print, that way you get to easily mix and match and you’d look great in any context (restaurant, street, castle, ruin, forest, beach, mountain).”

That I can do!

And Clarice in contrast shared, “Always go for comfort over fashion, when you're comfortable with what you're wearing your unique personal style comes out which sets you apart from everyone else.”

There you go ladies! It’s wonderful sharing with you travel insights from these two lovely ladies. Practical and matter-of-fact insights on how to be fit and fabulous on your next adventure to cool destinations and not just living out of your suitcase while on the road.

Fashion: Marks & Spencer M&S Collection Winter Collection 
is available at the M&S stores at Abreeza Ayala Mall 
and SM Lanang Premier, Davao City Philippines
Photography: Wizbren Ang
Make-up & Styling: Otoy Mercado
Location: Seda Abreeza Hotel

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