Whether you like to let your nails grow out or you like keeping them short to make it easier to do tasks around the house or on the job, you can still keep the nails manicured in a beautiful shape and with stunning color. Sometimes, the color doesn't seem to last that long and you might find that only after a few days, it looks like your nails are plain and ordinary once again.

There are some natural nail care products that can make your manicure last longer, like white vinegar on the nails before applying a base coat. The vinegar will clean all of the dirt and debris from the nails that soap and water might not get. Nail polish remover will do the same thing.


Buff the nails before applying nail polish to remove any bumps. This will make the polish go on smoothly so that it doesn't tend to chip as easily. Unless you don't use your fingers a lot during the day, such as with typing, cleaning or working with machines, you might want to keep your nails cut to just below your fingertips. This is a good length that gives a bit of substance to the nails so that you can apply plenty of color but without the high risk of breaking the nails. 

Paint a base coat on the entire nail, and then paint a coat on the top half of the nail. This is the area that sees the most damage when you're doing things around the house and at work. After the polish is on the nails, you want to apply either another coat to make the paint thicker, which can help it last longer, or you want to apply a clear coat to give the nails a shine while protecting them. Avoid using matte polish as this doesn't last as long as a creme. This kind of polish can also look dull and not have the shine that other polishes have on the nails. If you're in a humid environment, consider putting your fingers in cold air so that the polish sets instead of letting them dry in the hot air as this can create moisture on the nails. The added moisture can make the polish bubble and crack. If you want to get the bubbles out of the polish, roll the bottle between your palms instead of shaking the bottle.

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