If you need more space in your home, or you simply want to be better organised, it is probably time to get creative with storage. Clever and creative storage solutions can not only improve the way that space is used but do wonders for your mind, as it’s often therapeutic to get organised and find a place for everything. 

Idea 1: Move things into storage

If you have items that you love or do not want to get rid of for any other reason, except that you do not have sufficient room in your house, it is wise to shift them into an offsite storage facility.

An added bonus of keeping some of your belongings in storage is that you can get items out as and when you need them and even rotate the items that you use and have on display in your home, without the frustration of clutter.

Idea 2: Create a frame around a doorway

In many homes, the wall space that surrounds the entry from a hallway or dining room to a living room is severely under-utilized. Having bookshelves built in this space offers a creative way to increase storage space and make far more interesting use of available space.

To add more life and aesthetics to your design, companies like Simply Plastics offer the best quality polycarbonate sheets and slabs you can use to make modern and sleek shelves.

Idea 3: Use cabinets to divide up a room

In some homes, a piece of furniture, a wall or something quite else is needed to separate particular areas – for example: an entry way and a living area. A creative, but often effective, way to have a visual separation between areas is to use a free-standing cabinet. Such a cabinet will also provide more closed storage area and this has the added benefit of helping to keep your home uncluttered. 

Idea 4: Do not neglect your wall space

There is no denying that built-in cabinetry can be expensive. To maximize the wall space available and convert it to as much storage area as possible, consider using freestanding wall units. These units are far more cost effective than their built-in counterparts but still offer the benefit of increased storage. 

You may also want to get even more creative by creating a niche in the unit for a workstation. If you choose to do this, more functionality will be added to your wall unit and the desk conversion is bound to look great too.

Idea 5: Make sure your furniture is multipurpose

To be creative with storage, multipurpose furniture is absolutely essential. For example, if you do not have a cupboard in your entryway, use a bench with built-in storage to hold anything that you need to set down as you walk in. A bench with additional storage can provide additional seating and makes a great substitute to cumbersome and awkward folding chairs. 

Storage is important in every home and with some creative insight and clever use of space, it is possible to increase the storage available in every home, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

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