5 tips on avoiding car theft

5 tips on avoiding car theft

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Hello there ladies!

I got caught up with few family hullabaloos lately. Our cousin’s car was stolen while being parked at the airport. Apparently, when she flew out of the city for a short work-related trip, she left it at the secluded part of the airport parking and that’s when the theft got the opportunity to steal her car.

She learned her lessons hard. And because the circumstances, moreso that depressing feeling of having your car stolen is just toxic and painful, I’m sharing with you these tips on how to avoid thieves from stealing your car.

Install security features

Cars are expensive and installing security features that will protect your hard-earned property is just fitting and right. When buying cars, even if they’re second hand items, always ask your dealer if they come with security systems. Cars.com is one of the most reliable sites you can go to look for pre-loved cars that have security features that work. They have varied car makes and models that have everything 

Don’t forget the keys

Always remove the keys from the ignition when a car is parked. Even a child can start a car if the keys are in the ignition. 

Lock up

Always lock the doors whenever the car is left unattended even if only for a few minutes. Moreso, when you leave it for few days. Because once entrance is gained, anyone with few tools who knows how to ‘jump the lock’ can start the ignition in seconds.

Close up

Always close the windows all the way. Hooks can be used through partially open window to release the lock. 

Hide valuables

Always conceal valuable either in the locked trunk or away from view. Someone intending to steal valuables in open sight may end up stealing the car. Also leave cars in well-lighted, secure areas and if possible in parking with working CCTV. Isolated settings invite trouble.

There you go ladies, 5 very simple tips on how to avoid thieves from stealing your car. Very simple tips to save you from the hassle these event may bring us.

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