Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch

‘Inuman’ is probably one of the most celebrated aspects of Filipino culture. We can’t let an occasion pass without having to share a drink with relatives and friends. In fact, we’re known to share one even to the strangest of people we just met. 

Through time we’ve encountered so many brands and spirit names along the course of our everydayness meeting people - sharing drinks. Some brand names have special kick that stick with us, some just passed through like strangers we met along. But those that stick around, we remember and went faithful with it.

And just recently, Ginebra San Miguel, Inc., maker of world's no.1 gin introduced the latest member of its family as it launch its new product - Añejo Gold Medium Rum. It was unveiled with TripScape as concept - a way to escape to do what you love, and so, ‘walang basagan ng trip’ so to speak.

The launch was held at Bondi & Bourke along Legaspi St. here in Davao City. It was kind of cramp considering the number people who attended but it went well regardless. 

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Añejo Gold Medium Rum represents your heart’s deepest desires 
and all that your soul calls out for – 
the very thing you believe is worth fighting for.

Añejo Gold Medium Rum is made from alcohol that has been aged in oak barrels for 12 years and blended with high quality ingredients. The 67.5 proof rum is made to taste, smell, and feel just right. Medium rum gives you the right hit – not too light that you need to drink more, not too strong that you have regrets the next day. Crafted for the passionate and brave souls. Añejo Gold Medium Rum is a drink that encourages you to escape to do what you love with each and every sip.

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
I would have enjoyed this ‘finding the icon’ game had I have a little room 
to bend around. But it was fun sharing the room with these peeps 
especially the 'Jingle Sing Along Challenge' - that was fun!

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Añejo Gold Medium Rum sparkly reveal! 

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
The event was hosted by Sam Purvor, Miss Earth Water 2012. 
Speaking about Añejo Gold Medium Rum were; 
Henry Simon, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. New Product Devt. Brand Manager | 
Ronald Rudolf C. Molina, AVP & Marketing Manager | 
Paul Camel, Group Brand Manager for Dark Spirits

“Why TripScape? Because behind every escape is a story of passion waiting to be told. Wherever you are on your journey we want to take that journey with you and we also want you take the journey with us. Our product (Añejo Gold Medium Rum) is also the same. This is also the result of passion of the people behind it. Passion is characterized by one thing and that is excellence. We’re launching first here in Davao because we want to let you experience excellence of our product first”, said Ronald Rudolf C. Molina, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. AVP & Marketing Manager. 

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Master Mixologist, Enzo Lim joined us and shared how to 
enjoy Añejo Gold Medium Rum with great mixes.

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
So open up a 350ml bottle of Añejo Gold Medium 
and enjoy your medium rum in three ways:

TAKE IT NEAT: Straight from the bottle and into your glass. 
ENJOY IT ON THE ROCKS: Have it chilled with few ice cubes.
MIX IT UP: Create a classic Cuba Libre or get fancy with a dark Daiquiri.

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
With Davao Digital Influencers!

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Food at Bondi & Bourke was great!

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Other highlights during the launch were the artistic showcase of 
Resa Embutin (Digital Artist) John Amor (Visual Artist/Illustrator) 
Joey Chio (Photographer) and live art session with Davao Pen Society.

Performers Maan Chua, Ceejay Sagarino and Jad Montenegro 
graced the stage and share their passion for music. 

Añejo Gold Medium Rum Davao Launch
Thank you Añejo Gold Medium Rum for having 
Davao Digital Influencers. 
Prosperity pose with Ronald Rudolf C. Molina, 
Ginebra San Miguel Inc. AVP & Marketing Manager
📷 Ian Garcia

So next time you're up for a drink with your friends, 
try out Añejo Gold Medium Rum!


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