Davao Dining: Spicylicious Delights at Park Inn Davao's RBG Xplode

RBG Xplode Spicy Set Meal good for 4 persons and priced at Php 1,499.00.
RBG Xplode Spicy Set Meal good for 4 persons, priced at Php 1,499.00.

I was wishing so hard these past few days I could squeeze in a pizza and fries trip downtown. But my schedules were just too tight and it's kind of a bore eating with no one to share the pizza with. So I thought I should just stretch this cravings of mine up to the weekend where my kiddos can share it with me. And then Park Inn Davao's RBG Xplode happen. Guess I should really be careful what I wish for, it was granted not just pizza, but with burgers, fries, donuts and cool company to share with ....... kismet really works.

So what is RBG Xplode all about? 

RBG Xplode is another innovative dining offering of RBG Bar and Grill at Park Inn Davao designed for diners who loves their pizzas and burgers hot and spicy. This is a set menu that's good for 4 persons and is composed of family sized three-chili pizza, a mini burger bar, a handful of garlic fries, chili-sprinkled cinnamon and chocolate donuts, a jar of strawberry wasabi for dip, 3 bottles of spicy sauces and a round of  Lychee iced-tea.

“We came up with this innovative food promotion to give our diners an exciting meal. RBG Xplode is not just about being spicy but it is more of giving spice a unique taste” says Emelyn Rosales, Park Inn Davao General Manager.

For those who can’t take their pizza’s hot and spicy, fret not, you can also opt to get yours at same set minus the anticipation of getting the smoke out of your ears. The non-spicy set comes with a jar of honey-mustard dip.

Well, if you think that’s all for the taking, wait again, there’s more!

How about a challenge? Yes?

Anyone up for this RBG Xplode challenge?
Think I'll need a fan inside my mouth when I'll dare to take it!

Gather 4 of your beshies and take the RBG Xplode Challenge. There is just one simple rule on this contest - finish the whole Xplode set meal within 3 minutes and you walk home with no obligation on paying your food bills whatsoever - absolutely FREE meal! And when you make it down to the last strip of fries on the board with the best time, you'll take a space at the hall of famers board, cool, right? So, you up for the challenge? Let me know!

The best part is that win or lose you’re all entitled to a 10% discount on your next A la carte order at RBG Bar and Grill.

Davao Influencers and the media friends were also put into this challenge. But I guess their tolerance bar to chilis were just too low, everyone were teary-eyed and fanning their mouths profusely after the first round.

And as an added information to the hot delights we've enjoyed, Park Inn Davao's Chef Teng Collantes educated us of the three chilis she used in the dishes. Habanero, Labuyo and Cherry bomb chilis were the hot culprits on the mix to coming up with these spicylicious explosion of flavours waiting for you all to try.

RBG Xplode is priced at Php 1,499.00 net per set. 
Experience this explosion of flavors from July 14 to 31, 2018.

Book your hot and spicy adventure today!

Park Inns Davao Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Ronald A. Fronda
Mr. Ronald A. Fronda, Park Inn Davao Food and Beverage Manager (L)
Ms. Emelyn Rosales, Park Inn Davao General Manager (R)

On the same event, Park Inn Davao also introduced to Davao Influencers and the media the hotel’s new Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Ronald A. Fronda. He hails from Pampanga and an alumnus of the University of the East. His over 20 years of experience in the hotel industry has brought him exemplary exposures to various prestigious hotels here in the Philippines and abroad. His well-rounded experience when it comes to hotel business and administration operation is an enormous plus factor in carrying out the best service Park Inn Davao has designed to offer to its guests and clientele.

Congratulations and welcome to Davao, Sir Ronald!

Davao Digital Influencers and Davao media after a bout 
of hot and spicy delights at RBG Bar and Grill.



J.P. Laurel Avenue, Lanang, SP Dacudao Loop, 
Davao City, Philippines 
Phone: (082) 272 7600 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parkinndavao/

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