My Lee Eun Young experience, a Korean Nature Care Center in Davao

I kind of ditch my facial treatment routines these past few months in lieu of my full day work schedules. I’m always closing up system codes for our clients at Line 24 Software that finding time to relax or pamper myself as they call it in a spa is the least of my priorities these days. But one blessed day, a friend whom I can’t say no to (thanks a bunch Sir Mike Dakudao for the recommendation) sent me a message to come and visit Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center at SM Lanang Premier. Who am I to say no? And I find this a perfect opportunity to leave my messy desk and spend a little time for myself and get a fix of Korean beauty treats.

Experiencing Lee Eun Young , a Korean Nature Care Center in Davao
Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center at SM Lanang Premier has dainty interior

Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center is a clinic under the Onnuri World Company, Inc. It is a business rendering services for beauty and health wellness and provides services in a natural way of healing and relaxation.

Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center has branches on two SMs here in Davao. And because I’m a frequent of both SM Lanang and SM Ecoland, I definitely get to see and read tarps what’s new with Lee Eun Young every time I pass by their centers. I know they offer services more than just facial treatments, but I really never knew the extent until I came to their center at SM Lanang and tried it for myself.

Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center at SM Lanang Premier is located at the basement level. It’s the first thing you’ll see before getting up into the walkalator. Entering their center is like getting into the scene of a Korean Drama - pastel colored walls, a huge faux cherry blossom tree and a rich-textured Mahogany Victorian sofa made up the whole Korean Drama feels.

Ms. Eileen Min, the lovely Korean beauty who manages the two centers revealed that “Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center is not just a center for beauty routines, it also provides a natural way of treatment using oriental herbal medicines and organic products.”

The clinic offers;

  • HERBAL SPA THERAPY - disease prevention through water detoxification which is good for treating womb problems such as infertility, hormonal imbalance, PCOS, myoma, skin problems and weight loss.
  • SKIN PROGRAM - an intense facial care through high technology treatment and organic skin care on which even pregnant and children can avail. We make your skin healthy inside by detoxifying the chemicals and provide all the nutrients that your skin needs so that the outer result will be more refined, hydrating, glowing, brightening, firming, and pimple/acne free.
  • ACUPUNCTURE AND HEALING MASSAGE- a very best way in treating any kinds of body problems such hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, chronic pain, stroke etc. Through acupuncture and healing massage, your body eliminates the toxins which is it is the cause of the disease and health problems. We are treating the root cause not the disease. It is a total treatment without taking medicines.
  • TALL KID MANAGEMENT- with accurate technique in lymph massage and high stretching bed, this treatment is ideal for correcting posture and adding inches for your child’s height during growth development,

(R)This is how VIP Gold Therapy is done. Gold foils patches are placed onto my face 
and them massage it to blend deep into the skin. Cool!
(L) Ms. Eileen Min blending in the gold foil patches with her 
uber soothing and skillful hands. 

I specifically want to share the regimen that I underwent for the first time. The intense Korean facial care was quite an experience. Unlike any other facial treatments I’ve tried in the past, Lee Eun Young incorporate lymphatic drainage massage otherwise known as detox massage from head down to the neck area during the session. This kind of gentle massage facilitates and boosts body filtration system. This also helps improve mood and combat anxiety and moreso, increase energy.  It’s even more relaxing and satisfying as Ms. Eileen Min who did my session personally had the gifted hands of an expert.

And then we did the VIP Gold therapy. I’ve read about this a lot and I’m one happy camper when I finally experienced it. VIP Gold therapy or alternately called the ‘key of youth’ has an efficacy of pure 24k gold. 

The benefits of VIP Gold Therapy are numerous and to name a few;

  • The micro ampere current flown through pure gold 99.99% normalizes ion in the skin and vitalizes skin energy for lifting and elastic skin.
  • It also works as a detox care. Gold is excellent in detoxification of harmful toxins. It protects skin from harmful environmental aggressors and removes waste in pores. 
  • It also brightens the skin. The activation ingredient of gold makes smooth blood circulation, activates cell, removes toxicity and has excellent bright skin effect.
  • VIP Gold therapy also revitalizes the skin. The melted gold blends and gets into deep skin. This releases various harmful toxins and in effect gives off radiant and vitalized skin.

Gold Therapy has been widely used in the ancient time for beautification. Notable historic personalities who used it were Cleopatra, who was known to keep her youth by wearing gold mask every night, and Yang Kuei-fei, a Chinese empress who uses pure gold for the care of her skin. Some medical book records particularly {Bonchogangmok} also kept records of gold curing chronic skin diseases, soothe inflammation, harmonized blood circulation and is effective for topical beauty application.

With Lee Eun Young's Manager, Ms. Eileen Min
With Lee Eun Young's Manager, Ms. Eileen Min

I also tried the PDT LED Light Therapy. It’s that procedure where a portable machine that emits LED colored lights is put above your face for several minutes. This procedure according to beauty experts can smoothen skin texture, lessens coarseness and reduces pore size. This therapy also minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, smile lines, and worry lines. Also regenerates skin by activating the fibroblast cells to increase production of collagen and elastin.

And while I’m waiting time for my PDT Light Therapy to tick off, Ann one of their therapists, had my two legs get into what she called the Shoe Therapy. Apparently, it was an air compression leg and foot wrap massage. Honestly, in my work as an online content writer, I often get to write ad copies of these products and I find it amazing that finally I get to experience it for myself. And guess what? I think I’m buying a pair of these at Lazada for personal use, 😆😆😆 it really feel so good. It works with air compressing alternately your lower extremities. The pressure of the air coming into the shoe wrap massages your legs and feet and makes you feel so relaxed. If your feet feel all too weary after a long day’s work, this therapy is perfect for you, I love it so much. You should try it too. 

The clinic has now two operating branches in SM Ecoland and 
SM Lanang Premier here in Davao. The clinic was named after its 
Korean acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lee Eun Young.

Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center only uses organic products and state-of-the-art beauty machines imported straight from Korea. I love that their staff are smiling and courteous. They’re also well-trained adopting the Lee Eun Young brand of technique and service.

The center does not only offer services in the beauty department. They also render services to improve the over-all well-being of their clients using the natural way of healing. This is one Korean beauty and wellness care center you should experience in Davao.

Get beautified inside and out the natural way. Experience Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center.

Dr. Lee Eun Young, Ms. Eileen Min and staff.

Visit Lee Eun Young Nature Care Center at the basement level of SM Lanang Premier 
and Second level of SM Ecoland, Davao City.

For timely updates of what’s new and up of their center, like their Facebook page; 

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