Engkanto Craft Beers now in Davao City

Engkanto Craft Beers variants available in Davao.  Double IPA, Lager and Pale Ale
Engkanto Craft Beer variants available in Davao.
Double IPA, Lager and Pale Ale

Hello, Titas of Davao!

I recently had a chance to join the intimate Davao launch of Philippines’ most progressive craft beer, Engkanto.

If you’re a pure-blooded Filipino the word Engkanto runs familiar in our culture as it is a famous term we use to call supernatural beings that have the power to enchant people. The peculiarity of this Filipino folkloric element becomes the inspiration of the product name and its nocturnal moth logo.

Engkanto Craft Beer Double IPA
Engkanto Craft Beer Double IPA
This is my personal favorite. It has a rich and deep flavor compared to the Lager and Ale. 
Its passionfruit and citrus aroma made it a double-dealer standout.
It contains 8% ABV, thus, names it the strongest among the five Engkanto variants. 

Engkanto Craft Beer Lager
Engkanto Craft Beer Lager 

Engkanto Craft Beer Pale Ale
Engkanto Craft Beer Pale Ale 

I’m an occasional beer drinker and it’s a delight to finally have choices to the usual brands we see on the menu list of our frequented bars here in Davao.

Ian Paradies, the founder of Engkanto Brewery is in town to introduce to Davaoenos a rightly local, reasonably priced, and topnotch craft beer I'm sure every Davaoeno will enjoy.

“Davao and Siargao are our first market to launch outside of Metro Manila. We’re hoping to help educate the market on what craft beer is - that is using only the freshest four natural ingredients that’s water, malt, hops, and yeast. Our products will teach you that there’s more to beer than just commercial lagers,” said Ian Paradies, co-owner and co-founder of Engkanto Brewery.

Ian Paradies along with his partner and brewmaster, Josh Karten founded the multi-million modern and state-of-the-art brewery based in Carmona, Cavite. And in two years of operation, Engkanto Brewery prided to have produced their five flagship beers namely; Lager, Blonde, Pale, IPA, and Double IPA. 

We may have to wait a little while to taste all five though as only the Lager, Pale Ale and Double IPA will be available in Davao as of the moment. Nonetheless, the three variants we sampled represent the best brews of the brand. Engkanto craft beers endeavor to deliver to Filipinos quality products that are carefully brewed using only fresh, high-quality and natural ingredients.

In Davao City, Engkanto Craft Beer is available at these select establishments: Bondi & Bourke, Pearl Farm Resort, Mindanao Butchers & Co., Swiss Deli, Ninety-ninety, Kitchen+Bar, Beereaucracy, Stre3ts, Urban Lifestyle Pub, Unit 206, Garaje, Project Paella and Huckleberry Davao Southern Kitchen & Bar.

Drink Responsibly!

Davao lifestyle writers with   Engkanto Brewery co-owner and co-founder, Ian Paradies (middle in while)
Davao lifestyle writers with 
Engkanto Brewery co-owner and co-founder, Ian Paradies (middle in while)
(📷 Ian Garcia)

Ladies of Davao Digital Influencers
Life is too short to drink cheap beer!
Let's #DrinkMagic to that!
(📷 Ian Garcia)

With MichealAngelo Dacudao of Mindanao Times
With MichealAngelo Dacudao of Mindanao Times

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