How to Balance Work and School More Easily

How to Balance Work and School More Easily

Today, university education has become more and more essential if you want to get the career of your dreams, with many entry-level jobs requiring you to have attained at least a bachelor’s degree. But, the high cost of studying has made it even harder for many students to get through college without working-part time to cover the cost of tuition and living. Even if you are eligible for financial aid, you may still need to work in order to pay for your rent, bills, and other essential living costs while studying. So, what can you do to improve your work/study/life balance and still find the time to do things for yourself, wind down and spend time with your family? 

#1. Consider Studying Online:

Online study is becoming increasingly more popular for a wide range of great reasons. Firstly, its often much cheaper to get a degree online, regardless of the level at which you are studying. Whether you’re looking to get your bachelor’s degree or are returning to education to improve your resume with a master’s degree or further, there’s a wide range of program options available at places like  that you can study for at a fraction of the on-campus price. In addition, the flexible and self-led nature of online study makes it much easier to fit around your other commitments. In fact, it’s more than possible to work full-time while studying online as there are no set lectures and lessons to attend. 

#2. Have a Schedule:

Whether you are studying for your degree online or have taken the traditional on-campus route, laying out a study schedule for yourself will help you ensure that you don’t fall behind, and make it easier for you to set aside time to rest, too. Determine when you have some time to set aside for study each day and make sure that you stick to it; not only will this make managing your time easier, but it will also ensure that you get ahead of revision and assignments and minimize stress. 

#3. Make Time for Yourself:

Planning ahead is essential when it comes to getting the balance right between studying, working, and relaxing. So, when coming up with your schedule for the month, don’t forget to factor in some time for yourself, too. Taking short breaks when studying is hugely important for being able to stay focused and fresh, however, it’s a good idea to plan some longer periods of time for doing things that you enjoy, whether it’s going to watch a movie, hanging out with friends, playing sports, or going to concerts. Aim for at least a couple of hours per week just for you. 

#4. Join a Study Group:

Last but not least, joining or even forming your own study group is a great way to have fun and socialize while learning. Study groups can be super helpful for swapping ideas and learning from other people, in addition to getting out of the house and meeting new friends at the same time. 
Trying to juggle study, work and life can quickly become draining, so follow these top tips to get the balance right. 

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