Italianni's Davao Now Serves Brunch

Italiannis Davao Now Serves Brunch
Davao online and print media at the launch of Italiannis Brunch offerings.

Italianni's, one of Davao’s prime Italian restaurants located at the ground level of Abreeza Ayala Mall now offers great selection of brunch (a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch) platters on their menu. 

“The breakfast menu in all of our Manila branches have been successful and there’s no reason why we can’t offer it here in Davao. Our restaurant still goes with the mall schedule, hence the brunch offering that is available 10AM to 2PM as of now. But if this picks up we will adjust our operating schedule to start serving at 8AM,” says Lorraine Domingo, Italianni's Davao General Manager.

The move to offer brunch is the restaurant’s way of testing the waters whether Davaoenos will pick up the idea of going for breakfast at Italianni's. The offering stems from the idea that many residents in the vicinity of the mall especially the condominium occupants, churchgoers, BPO employees are looking for the breakfast menu.

So if you’re in limbo and really have no idea what to fill your hungry tummy between ten in the morning until two in the afternoon, think about the generous and delicious helpings Italianni's Restaurant got for you for brunch.

We sampled all of what’s on the menu and let me help you decide what to pick when you’re at Italianni's.

Italiannis Davao Now Serves Brunch- Fruit Platter
Italianni's Breakfast Fruit Platter
A combination of fresh tropical fruits - apple, orange, pineapple, 
watermelon, mango, and grapes.

Banana and Walnuts Pancakes.
Fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with chopped banana and roasted walnuts. 
Drenched off with house-made syrup.

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Egg Delights

(L) The Egg White Omelette is perfect for health-conscious patrons. It's stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes and served with toast and a cup of greens on the side. Truly, a power platter to kick-start the day. The Classic Eggs Benedict is actually part of the continental specials. This delicious goodness comes with smoked ham, poached eggs and topped with hollandaise sauce. The Three Egg Omelette (R) is filled with smoked ham, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, olives, cheddar cheese, and toast. Now, any of the three you're going to choose is great to power your day!

Continental Specials

(L-R) The American Platter is a great combination of golden pancakes, a choice of bacon, sausage or egg. The fruit platter is everything you need to kick start your day. It's a fresh fruit sliced combo of tropical watermelon, mangoes, grapes, orange, apples, and pineapples. The Spam and Egg platter is a classic continental offering with a Filipino flair having a cup of rice in every serving. As you're well aware, rice is life for Filipinos.

Local Favorites

Pork Adobo (left) is a classic Filipino favorite served with herbed olive oil, sunny side up egg and a cup of rice. Primera Tapa (middle) is Italinnis house-cured tapa that's thin and tender. Each serving also comes with freshly cooked egg and rice. On the right is Pinoy classic, Salted Smoked Boneless Bangus. Just like the others, this platter also is served with eggs and classic Filipino dip. Just by the look of it, you can never go wrong with these choices.

Local Favorites

Another set of Filipino favorites are (left) Sardines in Olive Oil. What's not to love about sardines? They're downright perfect to start up a busy day. Another option you can have is Crispy Pancetta Bacon (middle). You can never go wrong with this order. Last but not least is the Pinoy classic Pork Tocino (right). This is my personal favorite. It's Italiannis special house-made tocino and believe me when I say, this platter calls for an extra helping of rice. Highly recommended.

Every platter comes with a sunny side up egg, a cup of rice and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea.

Enjoy your brunch!

Ground Floor, Abreeza Ayala Mall
JP Laurel Ave., Davao City, Philippines
Call (082) 321 9587

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