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Yeah, headline on a national daily today … Aquino faces threat of excommunication … obviously for the issue involving birth control again. Can there be a reversal of things here … can the government excommunicate also the church?

I’m writing this in disgust over this rotten stand of the Catholic Church on the issue of morality vis-à-vis birth control.

If there is one last person standing behind you Mr. President in support of your cause to reduce birthing of this country – that would be me.

I have three children, I took care of those children, clothe them, feed them, send them to great schools, have taught them the morality not of the church is teaching but the morality of the law of nature wanted us to learn which I think way above more moral than the dogma of this man-made discourse.

But realizing I should be very selfish if I produce more, consume more resources and not giving others a chance I decided to end birthing permanently. I had opted to have tubal ligation if you fear of making this pharmaceutical companies fat producing supplies for this program.

Passing the RH Bill is not defying the Church, its about letting our human capital informed of this thing we call ‘informed choices’ about what best birthing method work for them.

These white robed, white haired, wrinkled faced people playing ‘thou art holy’ … are said to be concerned about the crumbling of morality of this society should we continue with this move….

I think this issue goes beyond morality … this is ABOUT KEEPING THESE POOR PEOPLE IN LINE, TO KEEP THEM IN POWER…


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  1. I am for the RH bill too. I think that the Church needs to understand that having the RH bill passed into law and the government having a clear population management approach does not mean that all the artificial means for contraception will be forced into each Catholic's life. In the end, it is still going to be an individual (or family) decision. It is the government's duty though to provide the options.


  2. I support the bill too, I came from a big family with no fixed income so even if I am a catholic and using birth control is against the catholic belief, I am for it. Take my family for example, I have eight siblings and none of them have a permanent job because my parents can't send them to school to get a degree and they don't have the courage to do what's best because we're poor. I am the only one who strive hard just to reach my goal. Dalawa na tayo ate hehehe. (oppps nakalogged in si hubs but ako ito hehehe)

  3. i agree with you, most definitely. in today's day and age, it is truly unrealistic to just be merry and multiply. i want my children to have the best of what i can give. and so planning is important.

  4. Same here. I support artificial birth control. This is not only good to our country but also to our selves and family as well.

    btw, sis ok na akong contest. I hope that you will join. Sponsors are welcome man..


  5. YES na YES ako sa RH bill Vernz...ang simbahan dili na mutabang ug pagpakaon sa mga tao kung ma over-populated na ta...di pod muhatag ug trabaho aron mangabuhi tawon ang mga tao...

    So, go, go go PNOY...!!!!!!!!! tabang ko mangampanya ani haha

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  8. oh my...I agree with you teVernz...sos dapat maging practical na ang mga tawo ron woi...sinasina ug daghan anak nya d dayon maka suporta...agoy unsaon nalang....parehas unta sa korea ba nga naa limit bata...dire pod sa US ang max lang ka 2-3...pero sa time sa parents ni hubby oks ra...kay sayunan ka niabot sila ug 14 ka siblings...ehehehe!


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