I was absent last week's GT, some life’s circumstance sometimes is beyond our control.

Anyway, if there’s some resolution I want to accomplish for my life in general this year, that is to at least faithfully (such an elusive word) follow the Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind according to Gyan Rajhans.

  • Do not interfere in others’ business unless asked – I often get myself into trouble for giving unsolicited advice, so this year, I’m gonna zip my mouth, so far, I’m doing well.
  • Forget and forgive – This may sound easier said than done, but I opt initially for the first, I will do the latter later…lol.
  • Do not crave for recognition – I’m not guilty of this, I don’t ask nor crave for one, things just happen, what can I do.. nyahahaha!
  • Do not be jealous – I think I should get a bit of this, I never had this before that’s why my life is also a bore. Not too much I think wouldn't disrupt your peace of mind.
  • Change yourself according to the environment – Environment you know influences behavior, so I think this thing needs a thorough evaluation, know your environment
  • Endure what cannot be cured – Warning: doing this can choke you to death, so choose carefully those things that you feel there is some sense in saying ‘so be it’.
  • Do not bite more than you can chew – I’m guilty, humans can sometimes be greedy, er, too accommodating … I think I should drop the first.
  • Meditate regularly –The highest state of peace of mind. However, having kids whinning around forfeits  some of my ‘me’ allotted time. I think this can’t be done now, as I write this some monkeys here are poking on the door loudly, so tell me how can meditation sets here
  • Never leave the mind vacant – this commandment stresses me more, the more I think the more there is to do….lol.
  • Do not procrastinate and never regret – Well, procrastination can loss you opps. So keep track with time. One thing I should garbage from my vocabulary is the word…. Sayang! Some things are meant to be some aren’t so do not cry over spilled milk.
Take a Break. We often lose to great opportunities and chances but we often forget to take even short breaks from these fast changing lanes of our lives. So I think I needed this. 

Sana nagawa ko to!


  1. ate nag nosebleed ko sa imong post... namalhan naman gud akong utok..nyahaha! agi ko te... mwah!

  2. Bravo Ate! hehehe.. Kmusta? mingaw na ko agi dri sa imo hehe.. dugay na pud ko nawala sa cirkulasyon..hehe

  3. Those are very good, very practical commandments. I believe in all of them, I can see how they can add to peace of mind.
    Maganda yung "Change yourself according to the environment", siguro it means "know how to adjust". Meaning you won't let the environment change you, pero yung marunong ka makibagay where you are instead of "fighting" against things you don't like.
    Very nice! :D Thanks for this.

  4. Galing galing mo talaga teacher.. Ate di ka kaya magsulat ng book then you sell it.. Gawa ka ng story about monster-in-law lol.. joke lang po mother..

  5. LOL last night I did the GT isa lang jud akong maisip girl and that is to sleep kasi wala talaga akong sleep for how many now wahhh hehehe


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