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I understand there is this sexist prejudice and ideology we call misogyny, where women are hated and made this dictum as a basis for their oppression in this male-dominated society.

This misogynistic action is manifested in many different ways in our lives, from jokes to pornography to violence to the self-contempt where women are being taught how to feel for their own bodies and most importantly how women are crippled by this fancy? Unusual? Type of shoe.

There are actually a lot of these proliferating in the internet, be it untrue, photoshopped or whatever you call it, to me this is not fashion, this is not fancy – this is torture to the highest extent, and yet we women did nothing to avert this thing, we even support this billion-dollar stiletto industry, we even romanticize it, we long to get a Choo, we dreamed of wearing a Manolo … hopeless! Isn't it?

Or would you rather just chew it and live with it?


  1. haguy unsa naman ni ate oi! magpa magtiniil nalang..hehehe! agi pud ko diri te... tuod te, dili jud maigo nimo ang size 38?

  2. agoy tawon...nanghawoy akong tiil ug tinan-aw...nyahahha!


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